It was a process of elimination…..

We moved the family from the comfortable surroundings of Cambridge to the edge of a cliff on the edge of Norfolk in the search of something else….

We started looking at houses online and in six months we had moved. We didn’t have jobs, we didn’t know what we wanted to do.

I made a list of the things I liked. Amongst the randoms on the list I eliminated some. As much as I enjoy sitting around a fire drinking whiskey it wasn’t going to translate into a job. I drew together my love of food, making and eating. My love of a festival, village fete of any other place people gather to socialize, music, modes of transport found in The Great Escape and the colour orange. Into focus came Hot Rocket Pizza.

The building blocks of a Hot Rocket Pizza are a nod to the pizza motherland of Naples. The super crispy, slightly charred base infused with a subtle hint of wood smoke topped with our pizza sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes with a little something extra. Mozzarella is Fior di latte. You will also find other classic Italian toppings making an appearance. Saleme Napoli, Pancetta and Pecorino amongst others are all given space on our pizzas.

However, we won’t turn our nose up if you want Hawaiians for your wedding. We will caramelize fresh pineapple, use slow cooked pulled ham and scatter with a few fennel seeds!